Points CS2Points.com

How to earn points

  1. Login with your Steam account and click on Earn Points.
    Earn Points

  2. You can earn points by completing offers with any of our partners. In this example we are choosing "AdGate".

  3. At least for the start, I would recommend to sort the offers by "Easiest" and/or "Low to High".
    Sort by Easiest or Low to High

  4. Mobile apps, surveys and videos are usually for free. In this example we are choosing the free offer "AdGate Rewards Offer Updates".
    AdGate Rewards Offer Updates 1/2

  5. You have to enter valid information. Temporary email address will not work. Also, make sure to click the activation link you will receive via email after filling out the form.
    AdGate Rewards Offer Updates 2/2

  6. Reload the CS2Points.com website and you will the see a popup, that you have earned some points. Congrats! smile
    What if my offer didn't credit?